Dora and Jonathan are a musical collaboration comprised of artists Dora Colquhoun and Jonathan McGuire based in the Northwest of England. They came together inspired to make heartfelt, endearing pop/folk music that explores themes of the natural world and the complexity of our ‘human’ relationship with it.


Dora and Jonathan both have a love of contemporary musicals, this has influenced their collaborative work. They were recently awarded the Paperwork Theatre ‘Teacup Commission’ for song writing in March 2020. They are currently interested in exploring how the Covid 19 Pandemic is informing their collaborative practice, utilising the current imposed quarantine to explore themes of connectivity, desire and the liminal space. 


Our Work


We first came across Dora & Jonathan when they applied for and won our Tea-Cup Commission to support new creative ideas.


Their pitch was filled with heart and humour and this transfers to their music. We love Dora & Jonathan's uplifting folk-sound, together they create something really special and we can't wait to hear more from the duo.

Nicole Behan, Paperwork Theatre


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